10 months since my last blog post.

2 years since I started Fuel.

2.5 years away from the Penguins.

4  months since I’ve written anything for the web other than a Facebook update or Tweet.

Time flies.


Being Yourself


I've always struggled with explaining to people what I do.  Struggled with it during my time with my previous employer: "So what do you do for the Penguins?" "Well, I run the video department.  But I also work with the ad hoc marketing team … [Continue reading]

Capitalize On The Buzz

Read an article this morning from a well-trafficed and respected blogger calling into question the fact the nhl.com had 11 Sidney Crosby stories on their front page today.   Saw a number of tweets echoing this statement. The fact that I'm from … [Continue reading]

The Ride Home

http://www.flickr.com/photos/backteching/6281559381/in/set-72157626976678869/lightbox/ Sometimes you just have to slow down, pull the car over or turn around, and go snap a couple pictures.  Just loved the sky and the light in this field on Route … [Continue reading]