Your Customers Will Know

You've decided to be active and aggressive about your company/individual/organizational brand. You've invested time and taken the steps to tell the public about what your brand is.  In essence, you've made promises. If you don't consistently … [Continue reading]

Why I Killed Backteching

So a couple weeks ago, I killed my blog.  I was pretty short with the whole thing, and thought I gave enough detail.  From the number of emails and DM's that I've got offering sympathies and "you had a good run" or "gave it your best" shot types … [Continue reading]

This Blog Is Dead

It has been for a while. No deep analytical signing off post.  It's just not my thing anymore.  I still dig sports tech, but not enough to write about it every day or week.  And certainly not enough to turn myself into a reposting aggregator to make … [Continue reading]

Dear Radio Guy

Dear Radio Guy, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. You railed on me for over an hour telling me that radio was the ultimate answer to everything my client needed.  You said your stations owned the market, and there were 77,000 … [Continue reading]

Do It

You want to make movies or films or videos or whatever you want to call it. What's stopping you?  Don't have a "real camera"?  It doesn't matter.  Use your still camera.  Or cell phone.  Or whatever you can scrape up.  Borrow one if you have … [Continue reading]