Social Media Stats For Pittsburgh Teams

Sports Business Daily has an article out on global social media stats for professional sports teams.

These numbers are based on Twitter followers and Facebook page likes.  Pittsburgh numbers after the jump.

Pittsburgh Penguins:  Twitter 80,386   Facebook 522,482
4th Overall in NHL w/602,868 total

Pittsburgh Steelers:  Twitter 83,925, Facebook 2,209,886  
2nd Overall in NFL w/2,293,791 total

Pittsburgh Pirates:  Twitter 7,647  Facebook 171,741
27th Overall in MLB w/179,388 total

Busy work day today, so just some quick thoughts:

- The NFL didn’t waste any time “catching up” to the other professional sports who were on the social media train before them

- The amount of interactivity that the Steelers and Penguins have shows that there’s a very tech savvy crowd in Pittsburgh.  Record and history aside, are the Pirates doing enough to market to these people?  Or does all the marketing in the world not make up for a poorly run team?

- Is the gap that big between Pens/Steelers and Pirates?  Or just a different crowd?  There’s only so many Pittsburghers, after all.

-  The NBA decimates all other leagues in pure numbers.  Do they have that many more fans?  Or are they just better at letting their players let their personalities through more – for better or worse?

- FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Wow.  Really.

- These are like/follow numbers.  I’m curious how the engagement goes after pressing the button.  I think people are less likely to unfollow/unlike a sports team than an individual – unless there’s play by play spam, of course — so are these teams doing anything to keep the fan engaged?  Or is it a sign up and forget about it?


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