So here it is.

I’ve been ready to go live with this blog for about two weeks.  Writing this post and naming this blog has been my stumbling block.

I’ve had enough rewriting the first paragraph 100 times.  Here’s the deal:

- I’m the Director of Media Technology for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Before that I ran the video production department.  I work with a lot of exceptional and dedicated people.  Yes, working for the Penguins is awesome — but it’s a lot of work.  The time and effort people around the organization put in to get the job done would blow your mind. 

- I am not a spokesman for team.  Those of you familiar with me on Twitter already know this.  Don’t expect breaking news or organIzational statements from me, that’s neither my job nor place.

- What you can expect from me is talking about the things I love:  media technology, cutting edge video production, great concepts, the future of the content creation world, and of course, what I’m working on in regard to the Consol Energy Center.

- Two inspirations for doing this, and what I hope to be a blend of:  CanesVision-HD and Glen Gower from the Senators.  CV-HD documented their control room upgrade this past summer, and Glen always finds interesting topics from the presentation and entertainment world.

So that’s it.  Hope this works out for all of us.  All four of us that will be reading.

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